Random shots, June 2015

Hi guys! Sorry for keeping you waiting. I'm sooo far behind in my updates here. I just came back from three months of traveling. Anyway here is the continuation of last year. 

Shot on expired Fujifilm Superia 200 with a Konica Big Mini. Developed +3-4EV in Tetanal C-41 Developer on a JOBO CPE-2. Scanned on Pakon 135+. There is a retro amount of coloration, incorrect focus and goofiness in these photos and I love it. Hope you can appreciate them too.  In three of the pictures I'm showing my friends pictures I took when I was in Vietnam the past year. Printed on paper, the right way to show your photos!

It had been quite sometime since I shot with the Hasselblad so I decided it needed some exercise. Shot on Portra 400 with Hasselblad 500 C/M and 80/2.8. Developed in Tetanal C-41 Developer with JOBO CPE-2. Scanned on Epson V750.  

The last shots are shot on Ilford HP% @1600 on a Leica M7 with Summicron 35. Developed in Xtol stock solution (best ever combo for pushing BW to 1600). Scanned on the Pakon 135+. The last shot is taken from a medium format slide show we had at Jesper's place, great stuff! He shoots with his Hassy (Hasselblad) with slide film on most of his trips. After developing and mounting the slides we meet up at his place to have dinner and a show. Check out his stuff at flickr.

Thats about it for now. See you soon. Till then, Keep shooting!

© 2016 Photography by Joel Foo

Random shots from May 2015

The Big Mini, specially the BM-302, is one of my all time favourite camera! I bought my first one a couple of years ago on a flea market. I had read a lot about it but I didn't expect to fall in love with it this much. It's quick, easy to use and the optics are good. Shooting in BW with the Big Mini is awesome. I couldn't be more satisfied. I just love compact cameras nowadays. They just make life/photography simple and spontaneous. I have had several of the other Big Mini cameras such as the A4, BM-201 and the more exclusive Big Mini F but I really like the BM-302 the best. 

Big Mini, Trix 400 developed in Xtol 1+1. Scanned on Epson v750.


Shot with Pentax 67 and 75/2.8 on Tmax 100, developed in xtol 1+1. Scanned with Epson V750.

A few test shots with the Pentax 67 and 75/2,8. Very nice lens indeed but hard to focus with that razor thin depth of field at 2,8. Using a focus screen with micro prism at the moment but I guess if you have a brighter split screen it will make life easier :)

More too come!

Test roll and a late night stroll

Several months ago I bought a Minolta CLE with a Minolta Rokkor 40/2. I got it cheap and it was in good shape although the mask in the viewfinder had begun to crack. It looked like a spider had been living inside the viewfinder with a spiderweb pattern all over the place. 

I sent my friend Jonas a message at analogakameror.se. He said he never heard of this problem but was sure he could fix it with some spare parts. Just a few minutes later he told me he could get a spare body if I was willing to pay for it. I said sure, if you can fix my camera! So a week or two pasted and my CLE was as good as new.

One late evening that month me and my friend Jesper felt spontaneous and went for a stroll in town past midnight. Here are some of the shots from my first test roll shot on HP5 and pushed with Xtol to 1600, scanned on the Kodak Pakon 135+. All photos where shot at f2 of f2,8. Please note the fantastic tonality in the HP5 pushed with Xtol. Amazing combo! Stay tuned for more test shots with the CLE but in color!

© 2015 Photography by Joel Foo

A small project I did last year

Last summer my friend told me about this place, Stora Skuggan. He told me every Sunday people come here and dance Lindy Hop. I thought maybe I should check it out. If anything, it was a good opportunity to take some photographs. Little did I know, I experienced something almost magical. That Sunday there was a live band playing. I later found out that this never happened before for as long as they’ve been dancing here. There’s normally just a DJ there, so I really got my self a treat!

I really enjoyed the positive atmosphere, so I decided to come back and come back again on that summer of 2014. Within a few Sundays I felt the need to create a small project. On the last Sunday of the season at Stora Skuggan I had a small one-day-exibition. Just saying thanks and giving something back. 

This event repeats every year and starts in the end of May until end of August. Please check out their Facebook page All photos below are shot on a Leica M9 with Canon 50mm 1.2 LTM or Voigtländer 15mm 4.5 Asph and edited with VSCO film presets.

© 2015 Photography by Joel Foo


Sharing photos

Hi, guys!

Well as usual it's been a while. I really don't know why it has to be this way. Anywho.. I started sorting out some of my scanned negatives just now and realised I haven't touched my scans form this April/May. Usually I scan and edit them and then they are uploaded onto my private flickr account, which only a few friends and family can view. It's kind of sad that they will never be seen by the public. Most of the photos are from my spare time out shooting, spending time with my friends or family. So I now decided that I am going to share more stuff with you in the future! These are photos from 30th of April. On this day in Sweden we celebrate the arrival of spring! We light a huge bon fire and drink lots of beer :) No, for real, this is a celebration for the whole family. In some of the pictures the words "ELD" and "ANSVARIG" apperar, "ELD" means "fire" and "ANSVARIG" means "person in charge". I hope you enjoy the photos and hope to share more photos with you in the future.

Ricoh GR1, AgfaVista 400 @1250.

Mamiya 7, 80mm f4, Portra 400.

© 2015 Photography by Joel Foo