A small project I did last year

Last summer my friend told me about this place, Stora Skuggan. He told me every Sunday people come here and dance Lindy Hop. I thought maybe I should check it out. If anything, it was a good opportunity to take some photographs. Little did I know, I experienced something almost magical. That Sunday there was a live band playing. I later found out that this never happened before for as long as they’ve been dancing here. There’s normally just a DJ there, so I really got my self a treat!

I really enjoyed the positive atmosphere, so I decided to come back and come back again on that summer of 2014. Within a few Sundays I felt the need to create a small project. On the last Sunday of the season at Stora Skuggan I had a small one-day-exibition. Just saying thanks and giving something back. 

This event repeats every year and starts in the end of May until end of August. Please check out their Facebook page All photos below are shot on a Leica M9 with Canon 50mm 1.2 LTM or Voigtländer 15mm 4.5 Asph and edited with VSCO film presets.

© 2015 Photography by Joel Foo