Power Big Meet 2015

Second time around my friend Jesper and I went to the one of the larges car shows in the world, the Power Big Meet in Västeås, Sweden. Every year there is a big event held there. Power Big Meet is the biggest american car show in the world actually. Over 20.000 cars. Street Rods, Customs, 50's cruisers, 60's muscle cars, Corvettes, Mustangs and Camaros. It's all held outdoors on a huge airport field. It's been so long since I shot these photos I'm not sure what to say about them. They show more or less what goes on during the day but it is actually at night things start to happen. Unfortunately I wasn't there to shoot it. Hoping to spend more time in the evening and night to experience the whole thing. 

If you want to see last years photos click here. I shot the first section of photos with the Ricoh GR1v on Superia 200 and developed with Tetanal C-41 developer. Scanned on the Pakon 135+. And the second one are shots from my digital Ricoh GR + Agfa Vista VSCO presets in Lightroom.

© 2016 Photography by Joel Foo