Random shots, June 2015

Hi guys! Sorry for keeping you waiting. I'm sooo far behind in my updates here. I just came back from three months of traveling. Anyway here is the continuation of last year. 

Shot on expired Fujifilm Superia 200 with a Konica Big Mini. Developed +3-4EV in Tetanal C-41 Developer on a JOBO CPE-2. Scanned on Pakon 135+. There is a retro amount of coloration, incorrect focus and goofiness in these photos and I love it. Hope you can appreciate them too.  In three of the pictures I'm showing my friends pictures I took when I was in Vietnam the past year. Printed on paper, the right way to show your photos!

It had been quite sometime since I shot with the Hasselblad so I decided it needed some exercise. Shot on Portra 400 with Hasselblad 500 C/M and 80/2.8. Developed in Tetanal C-41 Developer with JOBO CPE-2. Scanned on Epson V750.  

The last shots are shot on Ilford HP% @1600 on a Leica M7 with Summicron 35. Developed in Xtol stock solution (best ever combo for pushing BW to 1600). Scanned on the Pakon 135+. The last shot is taken from a medium format slide show we had at Jesper's place, great stuff! He shoots with his Hassy (Hasselblad) with slide film on most of his trips. After developing and mounting the slides we meet up at his place to have dinner and a show. Check out his stuff at flickr.

Thats about it for now. See you soon. Till then, Keep shooting!

© 2016 Photography by Joel Foo