Random shots August + September 2015

Some random shots from a test roll of Kodak T-max 100 shot on the Fujica GS645 Professional Wide 60. Developed in X-tol 1+1. Very handy and fun camera indeed. Built in lightmeter, parallax correction, light and very compact.

At the time I had just bought a Nikon 35/2 Ai. These are some random shots from the test roll shot with a Nikon FE2 on Ilford Hp5 at 1600 developed in X-tol stock solution. This area is called "Slaughter house area", direct translation. It's a industrial area dealing with all sorts of meat products. Sadly there are no shots inside the factories. Maybe someday they'll let me in :)

Voightländer R4M, Voightländer 28/2, Ilford Hp5 @1600, X-tol stock solution. Random shots. Really liking this lens! Stay tuned for more everyday random shots! :)