"Fjäderfajten", The Feather Battle..

Last October 2015, my friend Philip organised a badminton competition among a group of friends. Ten of them were to play against each other to crown the champion! The winner was to get a secret trophy only shown at the end. He asked me and Jesper to shoot the competition but only on film in whatever way we wanted. Also he would pay for all the film :) 

At the time I happened to own a Nikon F100, so the choice of weapon was very easy. Along with it I had a 50/1,4 AF-D for the portraits and a 24-85/2.8-4 AF-D for the action. The lighting was a bit tricky and a lot darker than I imagined. To capture the action I pushed Ilford Hp-5 in X-tol, shot on ISO 2500 and developed as ISO 3200. Pushing Hp5 with stock Xtol is the best way to push bw film, according to me and many others. Pushed to 1600 is my favourite way to do it. Here are some of the 216 shot taken (6 rolls). All scanned on the Pakon.

Nikon F100, 24-85/2.8-4, 50/1,4 Ilford hp5 @2500 dev @3200.

© 2016 Photography by Joel Foo