Test roll and a late night stroll

Several months ago I bought a Minolta CLE with a Minolta Rokkor 40/2. I got it cheap and it was in good shape although the mask in the viewfinder had begun to crack. It looked like a spider had been living inside the viewfinder with a spiderweb pattern all over the place. 

I sent my friend Jonas a message at analogakameror.se. He said he never heard of this problem but was sure he could fix it with some spare parts. Just a few minutes later he told me he could get a spare body if I was willing to pay for it. I said sure, if you can fix my camera! So a week or two pasted and my CLE was as good as new.

One late evening that month me and my friend Jesper felt spontaneous and went for a stroll in town past midnight. Here are some of the shots from my first test roll shot on HP5 and pushed with Xtol to 1600, scanned on the Kodak Pakon 135+. All photos where shot at f2 of f2,8. Please note the fantastic tonality in the HP5 pushed with Xtol. Amazing combo! Stay tuned for more test shots with the CLE but in color!

© 2015 Photography by Joel Foo