Sharing photos

Hi, guys!

Well as usual it's been a while. I really don't know why it has to be this way. Anywho.. I started sorting out some of my scanned negatives just now and realised I haven't touched my scans form this April/May. Usually I scan and edit them and then they are uploaded onto my private flickr account, which only a few friends and family can view. It's kind of sad that they will never be seen by the public. Most of the photos are from my spare time out shooting, spending time with my friends or family. So I now decided that I am going to share more stuff with you in the future! These are photos from 30th of April. On this day in Sweden we celebrate the arrival of spring! We light a huge bon fire and drink lots of beer :) No, for real, this is a celebration for the whole family. In some of the pictures the words "ELD" and "ANSVARIG" apperar, "ELD" means "fire" and "ANSVARIG" means "person in charge". I hope you enjoy the photos and hope to share more photos with you in the future.

Ricoh GR1, AgfaVista 400 @1250.

Mamiya 7, 80mm f4, Portra 400.

© 2015 Photography by Joel Foo