The past 4 months..

Hi everyone!

It's been too long since I wrote anything. Doing too many things at the same time, too little time and a pinch of laziness. Anyway..

So after Dubai and my rebirth or reincarnation I started experimenting with some of the thoughts and ideas that awoke. I wanted to eliminate all the technical aspects of my photography and just explore my creativity. I took out my Holga120N and a couple of other compact cameras and loaded the with film. I also acquired a Holga BC 135+flash and another Holga 120 with built-in flash. 

High in spirits and I went out and ventured the exciting and unknown. In the beginning it was a bit fiddly with the new gear, but it grew on me. Actually its just point and shoot.. well more or less. The great thing with the Holgas are that they creates a rather unique aesthetic to the photographs besides vignetting and light leaks. Using flash is something I haven't been doing within street photography. Mostly because I didn't have the guts to use it. But with the boost of confidence from my workshops in Dubai I was willing to give it a try. Here are some of the shots taken with my compact cameras. The cameras I used was the Holga 120N, Holga 120CFN, Holga 135 BC with Holga flash, Ricoh GR1/v and the Miolta Hi-matic GF, shot on Tri-x, Hp5+ and T-max.

As I wrote on previous blog post one important thing I learned from the workshops was that as a photographer you choose what to show and not show. This gives you great power in creating your own story. If you show too much you might reveal the whole story and the photograph might not be too interesting. But if you leave some of the more revealing bits out and just focus on the details or the abstract feeling the photograph may seem much more interesting and open to different interpretations.

Another thing I wanted to experiment with was hands and gestures. People express them selfs by facial expressions and body language apart from verbal expression. I find hands interesting. Maybe it's because we use them in so many ways that they have their own character. Soft hands, hard working hands, women's hands, dirty hands.. I know. It's a bit weird or even a bit of a fetish, but it's interesting to me.

All the above photographs are also black and white. Although my eyes opened to color in Dubai I still wanted to do this type of photography in black and white. The aesthetics and dramatic contrast worked best in this case. 

Shooting with point-and-shoot cameras or equivalent really freed me from some of the things that sometimes distracts me while shooting. I don't have to think so much about exposure or focusing correct. I had a little light weighted camera that didn't weigh me down, no distracting technical stuff to think about. I just felt a sense of freedom and very open minded as if I could do anything I wanted without getting judged on technicalities or what's correct or not. 

Next post will be about me venturing to the world of color and maybe some more reflections about my photography and what has been going on in my head. Thanks for reading and please comment and give any kind of feedback. 

Keep calm and keep shooting!