GPP 2014, Part 1

Two weeks ago I was in Dubai attending the Gulf Photo Plus 2014 (GPP). It's a photo festival held annually in Dubai. They invite some of the best photographers and instructors from all around the world too share their experiences and knowledge. Tons of workshops, free special events, seminars and activities. Check out these years photographers on the website.  

Oh, man what an experience! For me it all started a couple of years ago on youtube watching the so called "The shootout". It's a competition held at the closing ceremony of GPP where two or more photographers are challenged to create something amazing in 20 minutes. The topic of the photo shoot is not revealed until they enter the stage individually. The shootout from 2012 is one of my favourites.

During winter I always have a huge dip in my photography, as I mentioned in one of my earlier posts. Just when I felt the most down my girlfriend suddenly said that I should do something I normally wouldn't do. She said I had to let go of my everyday life and follow my heart. So out of nowhere she had planned the whole thing. She said "There's this event called the GPP, they have all these workshops! Eric Kim is going to be there! There's a hotel nearby and the flight tickets aren't that expensive. At this point I was not sure of this for a couple of reasons, but she insisted. She said don't think about the money or time.. just go! So after some thinking I couldn't just slap her in the face after all the things she'd looked into and even offering to sponsor me to go there, so I said "Yes! Thanks honey!"

This truly was an amazing experience and something that will change my photography for life. I love you, Lola! Next time I'll tell you more about the cool stuff that happened!