A Gift

This weekend we celebrated my friend's son's baptism. I decided to put my rookie darkroom skills to the test and do a print for them. I only had the chance to photograph him once on a short visit while he was sleeping. This photo was a bit tricky. I placed the baby about 2 meters from the window so the light fall off was pretty harsh.

After some test strips I did my first print without any added contrast. It was ok but it didn't have that deep black in the darkest areas and the shadows where a bit dull. So I adjusted the contrast and compensated the exposure and found that the highlights got cut off very quickly. So after several test strips I started to have something to begin with. After some burning and dodging, four hours later, I finally had a print that I was quite pleased with.

Final exposure: 

  1. 6s full exposure with 2-3s of dodging on the face
  2. burning a vignette and darkening the light parts around him. Actually 4 steps: top 10s, right side 3s, left side 7s, bottom right corner 2s
  3. burning clipped highlight above him
  4. burning clipped highlight to the left
  5. 2s burning on the baby's clothes

© 2013 Photography by Joel Foo